Which Mobile OS is better, Google Android or Windows Phone 7?

mobile-osThe new smart phones are now what most people are considering to have it as their own. That is why more and more mobile phone manufacturers are so keen in producing the best model with the greatest features a mobile phone could ever have. In line with this, the rivalry between Microsoft and Google butt in to this smart phones platforms. Both has proven their expertise on operating system not just on computers, now also with mobile phones. But which mobile operating system has the greatest features? Which of them are most preferred by most mobile phone users around the globe?

Google has its mobile operating system called Android that was introduced to public much earlier than that of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. Android by then was quickly growing in popularity because of its lustrous look and feel of the iPhone. Android beats iPhone, the sole market leader and turns out to be the new market leader and perhaps vied with the iPhone. Not long after Android’s market lead, Windows Phone 7 undertakes the cellphone world with a great enthusiasm. Could Windows Phone 7 vied as well with that of Android?

Physical Layout

With regards to physical layout, Windows Phone 7′s home screen has two pages. The one on the left is the Live Tiles consisting of rectangular tabs that serve as shortcuts to user’s fave applications the same with that of Android’s widgets. On the other column¬† is the list of installed applications on the phone. Simply swipe it to switch between two pages and dragged on tiles to rearrange tabs on the home screen. Android on the other hand presented their apps on the home screen as icons populating¬† on several screens depending on specific android phones.With Android, users can customize their home screen, place apps and widget on the home screen panels however user like it to be. And app lists are in 4 columns so no need to scroll as much to search for something.

Here is a comparison of both operating systems, with regards to its features, that will help you choose which OS is better for you.



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