Nokia Lumia EOS

Nokia-Lumia-EOSNokia’s hottest Lumia EOS smartphone has been recently stripped in several leaked photos. Photos of Nokia Lumia EOS revealed the back portion of the device that was said to be holding the reportedly 41-megapixel camera whose sensor is closely similar to that of a point and shoot camera and not with those of smartphone cameras.

Nokia Lumia EOS is said to be the first true Pureview Windows Phone 8 handset to be carrying the 41-megapixel high-resolution camera sensor with Xenon flash. Nokia Lumia EOS also features a mechanical shutter that moves in or out during camera usage which is uncommon to any smartphone. It also has optical focus and optical image stabilization as presumed.

Nokia Lumia EOS is claimed to include  a modified camera application that enables the handset to capture two image resolutions at the same time; the first version with high-resolution  at 35 megapixel for printing or later editing and the other version with five megapixel for quick uploading and sharing.

Nokia Lumia EOS is said to be due to launch possibly by July.

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