New iPhone 4S Bug

iPhone-4SIt was not long enough that I have wrote about this most controversial iPhone 4S. Now, the talks have never stopped, from breaking the sales record to its very appealing voice assistant, Siri and now with that multiple complaints on battery drains and with the latest bug on its audio.

According to numerous threads from Apple’s support forum, a lot of iPhone 4S users were experiencing an echo on its audio when having voice calls using a wired headset. Various users from different wireless carriers are having the same complain on the depleting audio quality on voice calls after a period of time and the voice of the caller on the other end of the line starts to develop an echo.

This concern was tested and was confirmed to be true. It was noticed that this audio bug is common to most Apple-branded wired headsets and third-party headsets alike. Yet, Apple has not made a comment regarding this issue.

Since Apple has not yet found a fix to this bug, a temporary possible fix to this problem was discussed by multiple iPhone users in most forum threads and that is to enable the handset’s speakerphone when an echo begins to develop in making voice calls and then disable it in a while. This process is said to effectively restart the cycle with normal audio quality again for a period of time before an echo strikes again.

We hope that Apple would find fixes to this bugs as soon as possible. This bug may not be too serious yet it would still be considered as substandard.



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