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microworkersAre you bored at home with nothing to do but surf on the net looking for some good opportunities to come ahead of you? Opportunity is here! It doesn’t requires you to be a college graduate, a licensed professional, or a good entrepreneur. There is no requirement at all. As long as you can read and write you are capable of these works.

At you are at the right place to earn real cash. Definitely it is our most priority when we are trying to find our fate in the net. is not just a place for people like us who are searching for a money generating online jobs because advertisers of various classifications are as well welcomed here.

If you are an advertiser, you may submit a campaign in asking for some true people to visit your site, post a comment on your site, write an article for your site or any task that you want for your site. Hence, you need to pay your workers for completing a task. Payments for that specific task depends on you. It ranges from 0.10 up to any amount you like to give per completed task. You have also options on the duration of the task and the number of available position for that particular task. The task that was completely submitted will be subjected for approval by you as the advertiser. You are given 7 days to review your workers submitted tasks. You could either rate the task with satisfied & paid if you find the task completely done or not satisfied if you find something missing on the submitted task. Unrated tasks after 7 days are automatically given a satisfied & paid rating which means whether the task was completely done or not, it is credited with the specific task earning. A campaign at is like advertising at a very low-cost with sure traffic.

On the other hand, if you want to be a worker, you need to sign up for an account. Registration is free with a sign up bonus of $1 which will be used for your campaigns. A worker in must find an appropriate jobs on the available jobs page that he/she thinks he/she is competent enough to finish the job. Accepting jobs and submitting false proofs would give you a red flag and would somehow lead to account termination. For all the tasks that you have submitted, you will be given with a success rate percentage as to the numbers of satisfied & paid tasks that you have against the number of unsatisfied tasks. The more unsatisfied tasks you get, the lower your success rate will be. Thus, having a success rate below the company’s certain success rate % will cause the worker to experience inability to submit task for a certain period of time. Submitted tasks are reviewed within 7 days, tasks that are not yet rated prior to the 7 days review allowance will be automatically rated as satisfied & paid and be credited with the task earning. When your earnings reach $9, then you can request for payout through PayPal.

That is how making money at made so easy. By just completing tasks, you can then earn from it. You only need to have more of your hard works in order to complete various tasks and get a satisfied & paid rating. The more you complete tasks, the more income for you!


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